How to Put a Saddle On



Note that saddling normally mainly takes place on the left side of the horse.

Have the saddle pad and saddle ready.,
Place the saddle pad on the horse’s back.,
Check from the front of the horse that the saddle pad is even on both sides of the horse.,
Before putting the saddle on the horse, hook the stirrup on the opposite side of where you are standing up over the saddle horn so it doesn’t get caught under the saddle when you put it on the horse.,
Lay the saddle on top of the saddle pad evenly.,Put the stirrups and cinch down to hang at the horse’s sides.,Make the horse put it’s front leg, on the side you are cinching the saddle on, forward to avoid pinching the skin when you tighten the cinch.,
If your saddle has a back cinch, tighten the front cinch first and then tighten the back one.,Check and make sure the girth is not pinching the horse anywhere.

, Whether it be on a saddle stand or a nearby fence, have it ready to be put straight on the horse so you do not have to make the horse wait any longer than necessary., Make sure the top of the saddle pad is covering the horses withers. A rule of thumb is to put the saddle pad a little more ‘forward’ than it really should be so that when you put the saddle on top of the pad, the pad can slide back a little., You don’t want more saddle pad on one side than the other!, (Same goes for the girth if that is on the opposite side of where you are standing.), Western saddles are generally heavier than English saddles so you may need to swing the saddle to get enough momentum and get the saddle on the horse’s back. Set the saddle on the horse’s back gently. The front of the saddle should be about 2 1/2 inches away from the front of the saddle pad. Make sure that the saddle in even on both sides of the horse and not lopsided.,,, Do not tighten the girth too quickly because this tends to lead to a horse learning how to ‘bloat’ himself to make the girth loose when being saddled.,

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