How to Put a Lead Rope on a Horse



Approach the horse from the front.,
Loosely coil the lead rope in one hand.,
Grasp the halter.,
Gently take up the slack.

Always approach the horse from the front and slightly to one side, where the horse can see you coming. Stand next to the horse’s head, facing the same direction as the animal.

If the horse turns away, click your tongue until the horse faces you. You may convince it to turn around with a food reward instead, if the horse is trained and gentle.;
, Whenever you’re near a horse, always move in calm, easy motions. Move your hands up slowly to take the rope, then coil it loosely in one hand.

, Reach up to the horse’s face and hold the halter at the bottom of the noseband, near the middle ring. Confirm that the halter is securely fastened.

Never hook your finger through the halter, or the rings. If the horse pulls away abruptly, you could injure your hand.
If the horse is not wearing a halter, skip down to the section below.

, Let go of the halter and take up most of the slack in the rope, so the horse knows you’ve attached it. Avoid pulling hard or holding the rope too close to the horse, as this may cause an inexperienced horse to panic. A very skittish horse may even rear if you pull down or forward on the rope.

A trained horse should yield to pressure on the lead rope, and move forward.
A green horse may pull back. If the horse pulls back or backs up, follow it. Don’t get into a tug-of-war. The horse will win.

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