How to Put a Lead Rope on a Horse



Clip the lead rope to the halter.,
Stand on the left side of the horse’s head.,
Loop the lead rope around the horse’s neck.,
Open the halter.,
Slide the halter over the nose of the horse.,
Adjust the halter.

Clip the end of the lead rope the middle bottom rung on the halter.

, Approach the horse from the front, making sure it can see you. Stand on the left side of the head, since this is where the halter will buckle. Face the same direction as the horse.

, Place the loose lead rope high up on the horse’s neck, just behind the draw. Pull the other end down under the neck so you can hold the loop closed in your right fist. This will keep the horse in place.

, Hold the halter by the side ring on the noseband closer to you. Open the top halter buckle.

, Let go of the lead rope, and use that hand to reach under the jaw and put the back of the halter over the neck, behind the ears. Buckle the halter snug, but not tight. The end of the lead rope should still be over the horse’s neck. Reward the horse with a pat or a nice scratch, so it associates haltering with a reward.

To keep the lead rope from falling down, you may place it over your arm. Never loop it around your neck, or around your arm, or the horse could injure you when it moves.
If the horse is tall, you may need to flip the halter up above the neck.

, Check that the halter is secure and comfortable. There should be at least two fingers of space between the noseband and the horse.

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