How to Put a Head Collar on a Pony



Check that the halter (head collar) size fits the size of your pony’s head.,
Stand to the left side of your pony.,
Allow the pony to sniff your hands as well as the halter.,
Put a lead rope over the the pony’s neck so that should he start to wander off before the halter is on, you can hold him back.,
Start with the halter ready to be put on the horse.,
Hold the nose band in one hand.,
Put the pony’s muzzle through the loop meant for the nose, making sure not to let the halter get twisted.,
Put the top of the halter carefully over the pony’s ears.,
To lead the pony, clip a lead rope to one of the rings on the halter.

To tie a pony, use a slip knot or a quick release knot.

If you go into a store that sells tack and horse supplies, you can ask an employee and they should help you find the right size. Make sure you have precise measurements of your horse’s head before going in. Choose the halter that matches your pony’s size. There are halters made specifically for horses, which are larger and ones made for ponies, which are smaller.;
, Do not stand directly in front of the pony. This is their blind spot, where they are unable to see you and you may scare them. Most halters are designed to be put on from the left side of the horse. Hold the halter in your left hand and stand on their left side.

, This will let the pony know you do not plan to hurt him and that the halter isn’t bad.

, Place the lead rope around the neck behind the ears. This will keep the pony from turning around or backing up to avoid halter. Do not tie or buckle the lead rope around the pony’s neck. This could cause injury to you or the pony if the pony tried to get away.

, The crown piece, or the strap that would go behind your horse’s ears, should be unbuckled. If you are planning to lead the horse right away, you can have the lead rope already clipped to the halter. Just make sure the lead rope doesn’t get in the way.

, Hold the part of the halter that goes by their ears in your other hand.

, Settle the nose band on your pony’s nose. It should not hang down too low and should rest a little lower than midway up the pony’s muzzle and rest on the bridge of the nose.

, Do not pull the ears or bend them too much. Buckle the strap by the horse’s ears. Make sure that the buckle on the halter is always facing into the pony’s jaw so when you take the halter off you are snapping it open from the inside of the halter next to the pony’s head. Praise your pony for being cooperative.

,, Never wrap the lead rope around your hand, the excess length coil and hold in outside hand while inside hand is holding under halter ring on chin.

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