How to Protect Yourself from an Attacking Rooster



Distract him with snacks.,
Equip yourself with a rooster shield.,
Dress for beak and chicken-feet resistance.

A fabled rooster-defense tactic with proven effectiveness, tossing out a bit of feed will likely distract your rooster with remarkable consistency. Handfuls of grain may actually be all the protection you need.One of the benefits of feeding your rooster is that this shows him that you are not another rooster. While you may think they’ve already figured this out, they probably haven’t.
Essentially, feeding your rooster will help them recognize that you’re just the giant, uninteresting creature that occasionally feeds them – and, more importantly, not a threat.
Do this repeatedly to both distract them and make them more comfortable with your presence. They’ll likely start calling the hens out to come enjoy the spoils too.;
, If you simply need to get in and get out quickly, perhaps to grab eggs, bring yourself a shield. No need to visit the local armory – a shovel or even large lid will do the trick.Protect yourself by holding your shield between you and the rooster. Never strike at the rooster.

, Wear leather gloves for protection, as well as long sleeved shirts and pants when dealing with an aggressive rooster. Wear boots too, as roosters tend to be much shorter than humans and default towards fighting with their feet.Make sure you boots aren’t too floppy, as floppy boots may agitate roosters.

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