How to Protect Yourself from an Attacking Rooster



Move with haste.,
Don’t incite him with any indications of aggression.,
Avoid other common mistakes that set roosters off.

You shouldn’t rely on avoiding your rooster as this is only a temporary solution to dealing with an aggressive animal. However, if you simply need to get in and out of the coop or chicken enclosure and don’t have time to do some rooster behavior-adjustment training, its fine to use some avoidance maneuvering. Move at a steady pace and give him a wide berth., Avoid walking directly towards the rooster. On the other hand, don’t obviously creep around him either, as a show of weakness may also provoke him. Avoid staring at him too. This is a classic, albeit unintended, act of aggression that has led to untold numbers of human-chicken battles., Summarily, if you’re simply trying to prevent human vs. rooster conflict, wear the appropriate clothing, give the rooster some space, and avoid doing anything to overtly challenge his monarchy. Roosters are quite literally looking for a challenge at all times. Don’t give them one, unless you’re ready to wrangle.

If you’re carrying a bucket, don’t swing it around lackadaisically, as this may be perceived by your rooster as a call to arms.
Don’t chase the hens. He will defend them to his last rooster tooth, or worse, may even get jealous if he thinks you’re flirting with one of his lovers.

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