How to Protect Furniture from Cats



Use furniture covers.,
Spray a scent deterrent on the furniture.,
Lay double-sided tape on the furniture.,
Trim your cat’s claws.

If you’re mainly concerned that your furniture will become dirty or hairy from your cat, cover it with slipcovers. You can purchase a slipcover for couches, chairs, or recliners in a variety of colors and fabrics. Choose a fabric that you can easily wipe clean or toss in the washing machine.If you don’t want to always keep a cover on the furniture, you can lay down a towel where your cat usually likes to rest. Just remove the towel and wash it every day or two.;
, Buy a repellent spray that your cat doesn’t like and spray it on the furniture that your cat usually scratches. You can purchase bitter apple or herbal sprays at most pet stores. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to spray your furniture.You may need to reapply the scent deterrent once it begins to wear off.

, Spread double-sided tape on places where your cat prefers to scratch. Your cat won’t like the sticky feeling so should eventually stop scratching there. Most commercial double-sided tapes shouldn’t leave a sticky residue on your furniture.If you’d rather startle your cat than apply sticky tape, tape a few balloons in places where your cat usually scratches. When your cat goes to scratch, it will pop a balloon. The surprise may stop your cat from scratching.

, Keep your cat’s claws clipped close (but not too close) so its nails are dull and won’t do as much damage if it scratches the furniture. If your cat resists clipping, try wrapping it in a towel while you trim or get the nails professionally trimmed.

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