How to Protect Chickens from Feral Animals



Build your coop off the ground.,
Bury fences underground to keep vermin out.,
Try an electric fence.,
Use a roof to protect your chickens from flying predators.,
Opt for a tall mesh fence.

When building a coop, elevation can help protect your chicken from potential predators. This can prevent rodents from nesting near your chicken coop, as they will be more exposed. Ideally, have your coop elevated about a foot off the ground.Unless you’re very familiar with building yourself, it’s best to have professionals build your chicken coop.;
, If your coop is already in place, it may be hard to elevate it. However, you can actually insert fences under the ground. This can help protect your chickens from animals that burrow, such as rats.You should bury about six inches of fencing wire under the ground to protect your chickens.

, Make sure the electric current is not too strong. You do not want your chickens to be harmed by an electric fence. Look for electric wiring that aims to stun predators rather than kill them.If you’re not familiar with building fences or working with electronics, have the fence installed professionally. You do not want to end up electrocuting yourself while building the fence.

, Chickens are also vulnerable to attacks from flying animals such as hawks. A wire mesh roof should be installed over the coop and run. This can prevent hawks from sweeping in and picking up chickens., Your chicken’s coop and run should be surrounded by a fence. A fence should not just serve to keep your chickens inside. It should also protect them from predators. A mesh fence is the ideal material to keep things like foxes and raccoons out of your chicken coop.Your fence should be at least five feet high to protect your chickens.

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