How to Properly Care for Your Chicks and Older Chickens



Decide where to get your chicks.,
Have a water container prepared.,
Have a heat lamp pointed at one spot of the cage/box at all times so the chicks can keep warm.,
Know the different breeds and their standards.,
Make sure you pick a breed suitable for the environment you live in.

You can buy them at a local feed store or find someone who hatches them often. It is suggested that you buy them from a feed store, because those stores sex them (find their gender) and give them vaccinations that will protect them from various diseases later in life. Before you get your chicks, have a box or a cage to put them in.

Line the bottom with newspaper for now and start to introduce hay and straw later. Have a food container with chick pellet designed especially for young chicks.;
, Be warned that the waterer must be small enough that the chicks cannot fall in and drown. Put clean, colorful marbles in the water to prevent drowning and entice the chicks to peck at it (this method trains them to drink from the waterer).

, Other lamps work too, just be sure it is at least a 60 watt and is not too close to the chicks (you don’t want to cook them alive!). Remember to have loads of newspaper; despite their size, chicks and chickens poop a lot.

, Some are hardy for surviving in the cold and lay in the winter, and others for a more warm or hot place. Some breeds are even more likely to go broody (which means then hen will stop laying and prefer to sit and hatch eggs).

The breed you choose depends entirely on what your purpose is. Some people have chickens to get eggs for themselves, others to get eggs to sell, and others just want pets or show chickens ( yes, there are show chickens and those kind of competitions out there).

, Also be sure that you will have a place to build an outdoor pen when they get bigger.

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