How to Properly Care for Your Chicks and Older Chickens



Clean the coop at least once a month.,
Clean your chicken if it is very dirty and stands out because of its filth.,
Let your chickens be free once in a while.,
Groom your chickens.

If you do not do this your chickens will become dirty, they will most likely get a disease, the eggs will become bad and the coop will probably get infested by mites, so make sure you put on some gloves and clean!

Throw away any bad eggs. If There are good eggs, keep them. To tell if an egg is bad put it inside a glass filled with water, if it floats it is bad but if it sinks it is good.
Dispose of all bedding (including the bedding in the nesting boxes). Do this by putting them in a garbage bag and throwing them in the bin.
Hose the coop down. This will dispose of all the chicken waste and clean all the dirt. If needed, scrub the coop down to make it extra clean.
Rinse all the feeders, bowls or tubs. If some dirt/food will not come off, scrub them.

, Chickens naturally keep themselves clean but occasionally it is best to wash them to keep them looking their best.

Fill two tubs with water, one soapy and one clear. Put the chicken in the soapy tub and clean them. After, put the chicken in the clear tub to rinse off the soap. Dry your chicken properly to keep them from freezing to death.

, If your chickens live in a coop/shed consider letting them outside in a run or an enclosed garden. They can get lots of healthy treats from the ground and the grass is really good for them!

If you prefer not to let them outside, at least throw some grass in their coop.

, To keep your chickens looking their best (and for other needs) consider grooming them.

Trim your roosters spurs. this is mostly important if you don’t want to get stabbed by them when your rooster attacks.
Clip your chickens wings. Chickens can fly very high and escape, in this case it is best to clip them to avoid any injuries or escapes.
Trim your chickens beaks and claws. Beaks and claws can become very sharp at times and will do you some harm if you do not trim them.

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