How to Promote Egg Laying in Hens



Buy or build a suitable chicken coop to protect your hens.,
Give your hens fresh food and water everyday.,
Build nesting boxes in their coop.,
Add bedding in the boxes such as wood shaving or straw.,
Clean the coop at least once a month.,
Provide more crushed oyster shells if the eggs are too soft.,
Gather your eggs once a day.

Give them enough space and make sure it is safe from predators to prevent your hens from getting stressed and not laying any eggs.;
, Feed your hens layer pellets and provide a bowl full of grit and crushed oyster shells, they love table scraps as well.

, Now your hens will have some privacy when they lay their eggs and not feel too stressed.

, This is to keep your hens comfortable and warm meaning they will most likely nest in the box.

, A dirty pen will not be very good as it reduces the comfort and health of your hens.

, Mix the crushed oyster shells in their feed and the calcium in them will make the egg shells become harder.

, This way you will know you are getting fresh eggs and you are keeping track of all the eggs you are receiving.

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