How to Prevent Your Cat from Unrolling Toilet Paper



Distract the cat from the toilet paper.,
Give the cat other things to do.,
Provide other things to scratch.

When you find your cat unrolling your toilet paper, you should try to lure it away from that bad behavior. Bring a toy into the bathroom and try to engage the cat in play. Move the toy out of the bathroom as you play with the cat.This may be a temporary solution but it could be helpful in stopping this behavior before it becomes a regular habit, especially for kittens.

, Sometimes a cat shreds toilet paper because it is bored. Give your cat a variety of toys, puzzles, and areas to climb that are nowhere near the bathroom. Keeping it busy during the day when you are gone will go a long way towards stopping its bad behavior.Most cats need some stimulation during the day to keep their minds and bodies active. Providing toys and entertainment for the cat is an important part of caring for its well-being.

, In many cases, cats use the toilet paper roll as a scratching post, and as they scratch the whole thing unrolls. In order to avoid this, try giving your cat more places to scratch in your home. This could mean a scratching post or a scratching pad in most rooms of the house, including the bathroom.

If there is not enough room in your bathroom to provide a scratching post or pad, try putting one right outside the door. This may stop the cat from even going into the bathroom in search of something satisfying to scratch on.

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