How to Prevent Skin Problems in Guinea Pigs



Keep your guinea pig in a smooth-bottomed cage.,
Use soft bedding in the cage.,
Clean your guinea pig’s cage.,
Don’t let your guinea pig’s cage get humid.

Guinea pigs can develop a skin problem called bumblefoot. Bumblefoot occurs when the skin on the bottom of a guinea pig’s feet gets scratched and develops open wounds. Bacteria can enter the wounds and cause infections. A smooth-bottomed cage will help protect your guinea pig’s feet and prevent bumblefoot.If your guinea pig’s current cage has a wire mesh bottom, and replacing the cage isn’t an option, cover the cage bottom with a lot of soft bedding.;
, Soft bedding will protect your guinea pig’s feet and help prevent bumblefoot. Examples of soft bedding are Yesterday’s News (shredded recycled newspaper) and CareFRESH®.Do not use corn cob bedding or wood shavings (cedar, pine). These bedding types can damage your guinea pig’s feet., A dirty cage can increase the chances of skin problems for a guinea pig. Keeping your guinea pig’s cage clean will help prevent skin problems and keep your guinea pig healthy overall. Below are some cleaning tips:

Change the cage bedding each day.Leave a little bit of the old bedding in the cage so your guinea pig has something with its scent on it in the cage.Clean the whole cage at least once a week. Cleaning the whole cage involves washing the cage, food bowl, water bottle, and plastic toys with soap and warm water.
Put your guinea pig in a separate cage while cleaning the dirty cage.
Wait until the cleaned cage is completely dry before putting everything back in the cage.

, In the wild, guinea pigs live in a dry climate. Unfortunately, a cage environment can get humid. This extra humidity increases the risk of skin problems in guinea pigs.To prevent humidity, make sure the cage gets plenty of air circulation. Wire cages have good air circulation.If your guinea pig is in a glass aquarium, use a wire mesh cage top. This type of top will allow for good air circulation.
Regularly cleaning the cage will also help lessen cage humidity.

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