How to Prevent Repetitive Motion Injury



Warm up and cool down.,
Stretch and massage.,
Allow adequate recovery time.

Warming up and cooling down is one of the best ways to avoid injury, even more so than stretching. All athletes should practice warm-ups, especially athletes that have to make the same motions over and over again, like pitchers, sprinters, or shot-putters., If you are undergoing heavy athletic exertion, stretching after the workout might be more beneficial than stretching before a workout, although the evidence is not great either way.Make sure that you rub and massage sore muscles. Foam rollers are great tools for this.

, If you participate in athletics, practice different motions on different days. Separate high intensity cardio, calisthenics and/or lifts, and low intensity cardio into different days. Emphasize different muscle groups on consecutive days.As a part of recovery, make sure to eat a balanced diet high in protein and calcium, which aids in muscle and bone strengthening.

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