How to Prevent Fights Between Cats



Keep food and water bowls separate.,
Place additional perches around the house.,
Provide enough toys.,
Provide enough litter boxes.,
Spend an equal amount of time with each cat.

Make sure each cat has its own food and water bowls. Keep their bowls separate in different areas of the house. This way, your cats will not feel as if they are in competition with one another over valuable resources like food and water., Use perches and cat trees to create vertical space. Vertical space will help your cats feel as if there is more room in the house, making them less likely to engage in a fight.Vertical space will also help your cats feel more safe and secure, since it provides them with a place to escape dangerous or threatening situations.

, Make sure to have a variety of toys available so your cats do not have to fight over them. Additionally, enhance your cats’ environment with puzzles, food dispensing toys, and other toys that are safe for your cats. This way, your cats can release their pent up energy on their toys instead of each other., Believe it or not, the litter box is a resource that your cats may fight over. In general, you should provide one litter box for each cat you have, plus one extra. If you have 3 cats, for example, you should have 4 litter boxes. These boxes should be in different locations so that one cat cannot guard the litter box space. If you have a multi-level home, there should be a litter box available on each level., If you spend more time with one of your cats, then the other cat might be competing for your attention. Therefore, make sure to play, pet, and comfort both or all of your cats throughout the day.For example, if you are playing with one of your cats, make sure to set aside some time to play with the other one too, or play a game that involves both of your cats.

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