How to Prevent Fights Between Cats



Stop fights before they start.,
Make a loud noise.,
Place a barrier between them.,
Separate the cats.

Cats that are about to fight may be staring at each other while growling, hissing, or spitting. Their hair may be standing on end or puffed up, especially the hair on their tail. Additionally, their ears may be positioned backwards and close to their head. Look for an arched back as well.If you happen to find your cats in this situation, step in right away to prevent a full-on fight.

, Blow a whistle, clap your hands, or do something that will produce a loud noise. The loud noise will distract your cats, allowing you to break up their fight.You can also say loudly, “Hey” or “Stop it” in addition to making a loud noise.

, Place a blanket or a laundry basket over one of the cats, particularly the aggressor, to break up a fight. You can also place a cushion or another barrier in between the cats to prevent or stop an on going fight.Never try to separate two fighting cats with your hands.

, Place them in separate rooms with the lights off. The alone time will allow them to calm down. After 10 minutes, bring some treats with you and go in the rooms separately to check on each cat. If the cat is calm, pet and praise it in a calm voice and give them a treat. Make sure they are calm before letting them out of the room.If one of your cats still seems rattled, leave the room and shut the door. Check on it again after five minutes.
Some cats may take hours or even days to calm down after a big fight. In this case, keep the cat in the darkened room (make sure they have food, water, and a litter box), and only enter to feed them and freshen their water. The cat will be ready to return when it can approach you calmly.

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