How to Prepare Your Cat for a New Baby



Take your cat to the vet.,
Keep your cats indoors.,
Trim your pet’s nails every 10 days to 2 weeks.,
Spay or neuter your pet.,
Prepare your cat for baby sounds.,
Prepare your cat for baby smells.,
Invite friends with babies to visit you.,
Maintain your cat’s regular schedule.

As soon as you discover you are pregnant, make an appointment to see your veterinarian. You will want your cat to be checked for parasites and infections, and make sure its rabies vaccine shot is up to date.This is also a good time to ask your vet for suggestions if your cat has any behavioral issues or is prone to jealousy.;
, You do not need to get rid of your cat just because you are pregnant, but you do need to keep it inside at all times. Outdoor cats are susceptible to a parasitic infection called toxoplasmosis, which can cause birth defects in pregnant women. Indoor cats almost never contract toxoplasmosis.Do not touch or handle stray cats (any outdoor cat), or adopt a new cat, while you are pregnant.

, If you do not already regularly trim your cat’s nails, begin doing this as a routine well in advance of the baby’s homecoming.Sit in a quiet room with your cat on your lap.
Squeeze your cat’s paw gently for three seconds or less, until the nail extends out of its paw.
Massage the nail pad again to release a nail, then clip off the very tip of the nail. Clip only the sharp, white portion of the nail at the end. The pink part is called the quick, and contains nerves and blood vessels. If you accidentally clip this area it will be very painful for your cat.
Trim only two or three nails per session until your cat becomes accustomed to the practice. Always give your cat a treat after you clip one of its nails.
If you accidentally clip the quick of the nail and it bleeds, you can stop the bleeding by rubbing it with a styptic stick, which you can buy online or at pet stores.
Never scold or shout at your cat while you are trimming its nails, or it will become very resistant to the process.

, If your pet is not already spayed or neutered, this is the time to take care of this. Spayed and neutered pets are less likely to bite, and will be more calm around the baby., Play recordings of baby sounds, like crying and cooing, so your cat will become accustomed to them before the baby arrives. Cats often find the sound of a baby crying very stressful., At least a month before your due date, begin wearing the shampoo, lotion, or powder you plan to use on the baby. Your cat will begin to associate those smells with you.Rub baby lotion on your hands and then engage your pet in some play time, so the scent will have a positive connection.

, Before the baby arrives, help your cat become accustomed to the sounds and smells of a baby by introducing it to other babies. Be sure to supervise any interaction extremely carefully, to keep the baby safe., As much as possible, try to keep your cat’s routine from changing much before and after the baby’s arrival. Keep feeding times the same, and do not forget any small routines you may have, such as an evening “snack time.”

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