How to Prepare Your Cat for a New Baby



Arrange for pet care while you’re at the hospital.,
Bring a swaddling blanket home from the hospital.,
Greet your cat alone, when you bring the baby home.,
Introduce your cat to the baby in a neutral space.,
Allow your cat to sniff the baby.,
Reward your cat.,
Avoid pressuring your cat to meet the baby.,
Avoid scolding your cat.

Be sure to arrange for a friend or neighbor to feed and care for your cat while you are in the hospital during and after the birth., When the baby is born, bring home one of his or her swaddling blankets and let your cat smell it, before bringing the baby home., Greet your cat in a quiet space, without the baby or guests. Once you have given your cat some attention, bring in other family members, guests, and the baby., The first time you introduce your cat to the new baby, try to do this in a place that has no strong associations for your cat. Don’t introduce baby and cat in the room where your cat is fed, for example, or next to its favorite napping spot.There should not be any distractions or noises that may scare your pet when it meets the new family member.

, Hold the new baby, and allow your cat to get close enough to sniff your arms and the baby. Keep the baby wrapped safely in a blanket and supervise the interaction carefully.Most cats will be curious, but will then lose interest and wander away.
If your cat is mildly alarmed by the baby and runs away, that is okay, too. Never force your cat to interact with the baby.

, Reward your cat with treats and affection, after it has been introduced to the baby. Be sure to create positive associations for your cat, so it connects the baby with only good things like treats and cuddles., Allow your cat to inspect the baby if it is curious, but do not force it to interact with the baby. Always supervise any interactions between your cat and your baby., If you constantly scold your cat and chase it away from the baby, it will quickly learn to resent the new family member. Be gentle with your cat, and try to remember that it had your attention before the baby did – be patient with your cat as it learns to share your affections.

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