How to Prepare Your Cat for a New Baby



Avoid cleaning the litter box.,
Move your cat’s food dishes.,
Change your environment gradually.,
Eliminate cat-access to the baby’s crib.,
Try a tape barrier to deter your cat from entering baby’s room.,
Consider using a Feliway diffuser.,
Provide your cat with an escape.

While you are pregnant, arrange for someone else to clean the litter box. Transmission through accidental contact with cat feces is one of the main ways pregnant women contract toxoplasmosis.If you must clean the litter box while pregnant, wear a mask and gloves.
Toxoplasmosis infection is also caused by drinking contaminated water or eating contaminated or undercooked meat (lamb, venison, and pork in particular). It can also be transmitted by eating from contaminated utensils or dishes.
It can also be transmitted by accidentally ingesting soil that has been contaminated – this can occur when gardening, or eating unwashed fruits or vegetables from contaminated soil.

, Although this won’t become an issue until your baby is crawling, it’s a good idea to relocate your cat’s food dishes as far in advance as possible. Try to locate the food dishes in an area your baby will not be able to access, and preferably not on the floor., Most cats are highly resistant to changes in their environment, and sudden changes will cause them stress. Begin painting the baby’s room and rearranging the furniture well in advance (at least 2 – 3 months before your due date), so your cat will not associate the baby with all the new changes.This is especially important if your cat’s litter box was formerly housed in the room that will become the nursery. Move the litter box as soon as you can.
If the baby’s room is one of your cat’s current favorite hangouts, buy a cozy new cat bed and designate a new comfortable area for your cat to claim as its territory.

, Before you bring your new baby home, make arrangements to keep your cat away from the baby’s crib.Consider installing a screen door to the baby’s room, which will allow you to hear the baby while keeping your cat out. (A half screen, or “baby gate” is not enough to keep a cat out of the nursery.)
Purchase a baby monitor system, and keep the nursery door closed while the baby sleeps.
If there is no way to restrict access to your baby’s room, purchase a crib net or guard to keep your cat out of your baby’s bed.

, If you can’t install a screen door on the nursery, try creating a tape barrier to keep your cat out of the room.

Place a wide barrier (at least 6 inches, or 15 cm) of cardboard covered in double-sided sticky tape at the entrance to the nursery.
Most cats will avoid stepping on sticky surfaces.

, Feliway is a product containing artificial pheromones that can have a calming effect on felines. If you are worried about your cat’s stress levels, consider setting up diffusers in the house that will distribute feliway mist into the air., Your cat will need to have some place to escape the baby’s attention when the baby begins to want to touch and grab it.Consider purchasing a tall feline climbing tree or other large cat furniture that your baby will not be able to climb.
You could also build step shelves on one or more walls, which your cat can climb but your baby cannot.
Ask your guests to ignore your cat when it is in its “safe place,” so it can retreat from all the unexpected visitors, as well.

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