How to Prepare for an Endoscopy



Stop taking certain medications.,
Fast before the procedure.,
Be mindful of your needs.,
Follow your doctor’s orders.

There are several things you will need to do to physically prepare for your endoscopy. Some medications might interfere with the procedure or the results. Make sure your doctor is aware of all medications that you are taking.If you are on blood thinners, you will need to stop taking them several days prior to the procedure. These medications could increase your risk of bleeding during the endoscopy.
You may need to stop taking your blood pressure medication for a few days. Ask your doctor about the specific dosage you are taking.
Discuss supplements with your doctor. If you take vitamins or natural medications, make sure that your doctor has that information.
Always make sure that you get specific instructions from your doctor before you stop taking any medications that you are currently on.

, The point of an upper endoscopy is to allow your doctor to examine your upper GI tract. To get a clear picture, your system needs to be free of food and drink. It is necessary to fast before the procedure.Do not eat any solid food for 8 hours before your endoscopy. You should also avoid chewing gum during this period.
Do not drink any liquids for 8 hours before the endoscopy. Ask your doctor if you may have a small amount of water.
If you smoke, avoid doing so for at least 6 hours prior to the procedure. It can interfere with the results.

, Take your medical history into consideration as you prepare for your endoscopy. For example, if you have asthma, take your inhaler with you. You won’t be able to use it during the procedure, but you might want it before or after the endoscopy.Make sure to empty your bladder. Going to the bathroom before the procedure will help you feel more comfortable.
Know that the procedure will take about 30-45 minutes. If you wear corrective lenses, think about whether you would be more comfortable in your contacts or glasses.
Remove any uncomfortable jewelry. You will wear a gown for the procedure, but bring comfortable clothes to wear home.
Make sure that you arrange for someone to take you home after the procedure. You will have some lingering effects from the sedation and you may not feel well.

, Make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions very carefully. It is important that you are mindful of the policies regarding fasting and stopping medications. Ask your doctor to write down all of the instructions so that you don’t forget anything.Take some time to go over your medical history with your doctor. Make sure that he is aware of any pre-existing conditions.
For example, maybe you are diabetic or have heart disease. Make sure your doctor takes that into account when giving you instructions.
Enlist a family member or friend. They can help make sure you obey the rules before your procedure.

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