How to Prepare for a Kidney Biopsy



Take any medication if needed.,
Do not take insulin in the morning if you are an insulin user.,
Arrange for someone to drive you home.

Because you are not allowed to eat anything the morning before the procedure, take sips of water with your medication. This will help make the pills go down easier. Do not eat food of any kind the morning before your procedure.

, Taking insulin may reduce your blood sugar level too much, making the biopsy difficult. Instead, you will be given short acting insulin with a saline infusion to keep your sugar level optimum., After your kidney biopsy, you will be able to return home that day. However, you may remain drowsy throughout the day because of the anesthetic and any sedative drug you may have received. Because of this, you will need to arrange for someone to drive you home, as driving yourself could be dangerous.

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