How to Practice Being Drowsy



Prepare your room for sleep.,
Sit somewhere comfortable.,
Think back to a time when you did feel very tired.,
Imagine that you’re sitting somewhere and you are with friends.,
Imagine how you’re feeling as the yawning happens around you.,
If your eyes want to close, let them.,
Keep yawning.,
Allow yourself to drift.,
Head for bed.

Dim the lights, pull back the covers and fix the window covers.

Put on your sleeping clothes.

Clean your teeth, remove makeup, etc. as usual.

, It can be your bedroom, or another room in the house. Be sure it is quiet, with low lights, and no loud noise such as TV or music.

, How did this feel? What did you want to do with your body position? Your head position? Try to recall the exact feelings.

, Your friends are also very tired; imagine them yawning, half closing their eyes and then imagine more yawns going around the group.

, Join in the yawning yourself.

, If not, imagine them closing again and again, gently.

, Feel the yawn in your throat or jaw. If your mind wanders, look back at your imagined yawning friends.

, Let warmth spread through you and feel the drowsiness take hold.

, By now, drowsiness should have taken hold and you’ll be ready to hop straight in.

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