How to Politely Turn Down a Guy



Before you even say a word, think long and hard about why you don’t want to date him/her.,
If you STILL want to say no,thank this person (if you hung out together) for all the good times you had.

Be clear about your decision, but do not be bluntly honest about the reason.,
Do not say “I’m not ready for a relationship,” or even “I already have a boyfriend/girlfriend,”.,
You are not obligated to discuss or provide a lengthier explanation of why you do not want to date someone.,
If you already had a friendship, you may ask if you can still be friends.

Be sure about your decision.;
,, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think we’re compatible,” or “I don’t feel there is potential for a relationship here,” are answers that are far preferable to “I don’t find you attractive,” or “I feel that you are boring,” which will unnecessarily hurt his/her feelings.

, This may lead the person to believe that you would date them, so unfortunately they may pursue you even more.

, If the person persists, be very clear that this is your decision, that you are moving on and that they should move on as well.

, Beware though, that if you maintain the “friend” thing, he/she might not give up so easily.

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