How to Politely Turn Down a Boy in Middle School



Remain calm.,
Be polite.,
Start by offering help on his part.,
Calmly explain to him your feelings.,
If you have a boyfriend, say so, in a NICE way so it won’t hurt him.,
Wait for his response.,
If he seems really upset and might cry, tell him sorry and get to class.,
If he is or may become violent, walk away quickly and tell a trusted adult.

Do NOT freak out. What would you do if your crush screamed when you told him you liked him? Relax. Breathe in and out or count to 10 in your head. You need to stay calm.;
, This boy probably worked up a lot of courage to ask you out. If you yell at him or rudely scream “NO!!!” it will hurt him. Even if you HATE this guy, you still need to be a little generous of his feelings. Be kind.

, Say something like “Wow, Tyler. I’m flattered.” By showing you respect him; you’re BOTH less likely to get your feelings hurt in the end.

, Here is a very good example: “Tyler, you’re a really great person. You seem very nice and I’m flattered. But I just don’t really see you in that way. I hope that we can remain friends. I’m sorry.”

, It will just cause more problems for both of you.

, If he seems okay with it, smile and tell him “Good, because I really hoped we could still be friends.” Then explain you have to get to class and CALMLY walk to your classroom.

, He will think you really do like him if you try to calm him down and you stay with him.


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