How to Play With Your Parakeet



Disguise treats.,
Fetch the ball.,
Play catch.,
Play peek-a-boo.,
Practice flying.

Because parakeets are foragers and enjoy taking things apart with their beaks, your parakeet will appreciate taking things apart and finding a treat. An easy game to play with your parakeet is to wrap up a treat in paper and allow your bird to pull it apart. You can fold the paper or simply ball it up, either way your bird will enjoy finding the treat in the middle.Paper foraging games are particularly useful for training a young bird to play. Once your bird is older you may want to consider soft-wood foraging toys.;
, Find something that is small enough to fit in your parakeet’s claw and hand it to them. If it throws the object on the ground, pick it up and hand it to the bird again. Although you might find this a little repetitive, your bird is having a good time and is being better socialized.If your bird is not interested in playing fetch, do not worry. Try again another time or play a different game.
In order to encourage the bird to continue playing the game, give it a treat and an encouraging remark like “Good job!” every time that it throws the object.

, Take your parakeet out of its cage and set it on the ground. Then, roll a small ball towards it. Your parakeet may follow the ball and attempt to grab it with its beak. However, the bird will not return the ball to you, so you may have to go retrieve it from them.Use a whiffle ball or something with notches big enough for your bird to grab with its beak.
In order to encourage the bird to continue playing the game, give it a treat and a supportive remark like “Good job!” every time that it gets the ball.

, Place your parrot on your bed or floor and cover your head with a sheet or towel. Peek your head out of the sheet and call your bird’s name. Then cover it and say your bird’s name again. Your parakeet will begin following the sound of your voice and be excited every time you reappear.If your bird is comfortable with this, you can also put your bird under the sheet and play peek-a-boo that way. Just be careful not to let your parakeet stay under the sheets for too long and make sure they have enough air.

, Perch your bird on your finger and gently hold both of its feet. Carefully lift it above your head. As you raise it, the bird will begin flapping its wings. Let it flap its wings for a few moments and then bring it back down. Repeat this process as long as you want or until the bird gets tired of it.Before you play this game, make sure that any ceiling fans are off and that the space above you is open.
Parakeets and other members of the parrot family naturally flap their wings when perched to exercise their wings. This game mimics this natural exercise. If your bird’s wings are clipped and there is enough room, you might consider letting go of its feet so that it can float to the ground. If you let go of the bird, make sure any windows or doors are closed.

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