How to Play With Your Parakeet



Evaluate how your bird likes to play.,
Find safe toys.,
Pick brightly colored toys.,
Choose noisy toys.,
Buy foraging toys.,
Place a mirror in their cage.

Before you buy your parakeet toys, test out the ways in which it likes to play. Make paper foraging toys or weave pieces of paper through its cage. Give it small objects from around the house like bottle caps or little balls and see how it reacts to them. This will help you determine what kinds of toys to invest in.You may also find that your bird enjoys the simple toys just as much as ones you bought at a pet store.
Make sure that you give your bird safe things to play with. Avoid anything treated with harsh chemicals or solvents.

, Make sure that the toys you are giving your bird are appropriate for their size. Parakeets can get stuck and die in toys intended for larger birds. You should also avoid any toys with sharp edges that could poke your bird or lose strings that could strangle them.If you are in doubt about the safety of a toy, talk to a clerk at your pet store or email the toy retailer.

, Because parakeets can see the full spectrum of colors, they are particularly attracted to colorful objects. When considering toys, you should buy things that have vibrant coloring. Bright primary colors, like yellow, red, and blue, are great choices. Although you can give your bird toys that are drably colored, they may not play with them as much.Be sure to choose toys that are colored with non-toxic materials., Parakeets are social birds by nature and make a lot of noises. Because of this, they also enjoy toys that make a lot of sound. Toys with bells attached to them are particularly popular with parakeets. You can also hang a few small bells in your birds cage.Avoid buying the Christmas style “jingle bell” with openings. Your parakeet may get stuck in the holes. Instead, buy an open-bottomed bell., Parakeets are particularly fond of toys that mimic foraging activities. Because parakeets have smaller beaks, you will want to invest in foraging toys that are made of soft-woods or cardboard. Wooden toys are a particularly good choice because they are also safe for your bird to chew on.Avoid plastic toys if you can. These can contain harmful toxins.

, If you own a single parakeet, you might want to consider installing a mirror in its cage. Parakeets are social and like having other birds like them around. If you install a mirror, your bird will chirp at and interact with the mirror as if it is another parakeet.You may have to clean the mirror occasionally.

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