How to Play With Your Parakeet



Get your parakeet to go up a ladder.,
Have your bird go down a slide.,
Teach it to go through a hoop.,
Hold short training sessions.,
Give them cues.,
Reward your bird.,
Speak in a positive tone.

A simple trick that you can train your parakeet to perform is climbing a ladder. Because they are natural climbers, your parakeet will instinctively want to climb a ladder. However, you can train it to associate this activity with a verbal cue and a treat so that the bird will climb on command. Place the bird at the end of a ladder, say the cue, and reward it with a treat when it does what you command.Examples of a verbal cue might be “up the ladder” or “climb the ladder.”
You can buy a ladder for your parakeet at most pet stores.

, Place a slide at the other end of your parakeet’s ladder. Initially, give it praise and a treat once it reaches the top of the ladder and touches the slide. Then, place a treat at the bottom of the slide. Eventually, your bird will slide down and get the snack.It is easier if you break tricks down and teach them in steps. Train your bird how to climb the ladder before instructing it on how to go down a slide.
You may have to make your own slide out of PVC pipe since commercially available parakeet slides are hard to come by.

, Create a small hoop for your parakeet out of cardboard or other light material. Lead your parakeet through the hoop with a treat and assign a cue every time it goes through. Eventually, you may want to insert increasingly longer pieces of tubing for the hoop.A paper towel or toilet paper tube should be about the right size for a parakeet.

, When you begin teaching your parakeet tricks, you will want to limit the length of you training sessions. Pushing your bird too hard will cause it to lose interest and may make it ill. Stop training your bird if it looks tired or loses interest.The time spent training your bird could last anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour.
Try having training sessions a couple of times a day.

, Parakeets are particularly adept at responding to verbal cues from humans, but they can also recognize physical gestures. When training your parakeet, pick a cue and stick with it. Consistency and repetition are essential. Once the bird has associated the cue with the activity, they will respond on command.A physical cue can be a snap of the fingers of a wave of the hand.
A verbal cue can be a short phrase like “up the ladder” or “down the slide.” It can also as simple as a word like “up” or “down.”

, Whenever your bird does what you want it to do, give it a treat. This positive reinforcement will ensure that it associates your cue, and the action is has performed, with the treat it receives at the end. You can also reward the bird at the end of a session with a treat in its bowl that it does not regularly eat.Consider a hulled sunflower seed or a piece of millet spray as a quick treat.

, Parakeets are perceptive birds and will respond to your attitude. If you stay positive and enthusiastic, the bird will focus and stay on task. If you become frustrated and agitated, the bird will likely be distracted and lose interest in the training. To avoid this, stay positive and make the activities fun.Maintaining a positive tone is essential to keeping training fun and light.

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