How to Play With a Kitten



Use a ping pong ball.,
Play with ribbon or string.,
Hide a stuffed toy under a blanket.,
Let your kitten play in a paper bag.,
Provide your kitten with plush toys.,
Use trial and error to figure out what your kitten likes.

You don’t need to stock up on fancy cat toys to have fun. You may have something your cat would love just lying around the house. If you have any ping pong balls, or similar types of balls, your kitten will love playing with these.Bounce a ping pong ball against the wall and allow your kitten to chase it. Ping pong balls bounce easily, so they’ll move around fast. This is sure to attract a kitten’s attention.;
, A ribbon or a string is a simple toy kittens will love. Kittens love pretending to stalk prey, so dragging a ribbon or string across the ground is sure to entertain them. You can remove a shoe string or cut off a piece of ribbon to play with your cat.You can also tie a small plush toy at the end of a string or ribbon and drag it across the floor.

, Place a small plush toy under a blanket. Wiggle it around so your kitten thinks it’s a mouse or other animal. Your kitten will pounce on the toy and get plenty of fun playing a game like this.However, make sure it’s an old blanket if your kitten is not declawed. Kitten claws can seriously damage fabrics.
You may not want to play this game if you let your kitten sleep in your bed. This may encourage your kitten to pounce on your feet while you’re trying to sleep.

, If you get home from the grocery store, place a paper bag on the ground. Many kittens love playing in paper bags. You can take a small toy and poke the sides of the paper bag with it. This will give your cat something to play with inside the paper bag.You can also set down a paper bag while playing with a ribbon or string with your cat. The kitten will use the paper bag as a hiding spot from which to jump out at their pray.

, Kittens love play hunting. In the wild, play is a form of practice for hunting later in life. Your kitten will love having small plush toys to stalk. Choose toys big enough for your kitten to carry in its mouth.You can throw these toys around for your kitten like a ping pong ball. However, plush toys are also great as your kitten will play with them on its own. This can help keep your kitten entertained while you’re out of the house.
Some plush toys are filled with catnip. This can make your kitten extra playful.

, Every kitten has different preferences when it comes to toys. If your kitten doesn’t like a certain toy, don’t try to force it. Buy a variety of types of toys for your kitten and see what it takes to.

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