How to Play With a Kitten



Put fishing pole toys away when you’re not using them.,
Do not leave bags in areas where they could get stepped on.,
Make sure toys aren’t small enough to be swallowed.,
Avoid leaving toys with batteries out.

Fishing pole toys are sold at many department and pet stores. While they can provide hours of fun for a kitten, they should not be used if your kitten is unsupervised. These tend to have a lot of small parts. Put them away when your not there to supervise your kitten.If you use strings and ribbons like fishing pole toys, these should also be put away. While ribbons and strings are generally safe for supervised play, they can actually be deadly if swallowed.

, It can be fun to let your kitten play in a paper bag. However, don’t leave a paper bag out where it could be stepped on. Someone could easily step on your kitten inside the paper bag. Much like other toys, it’s generally best to put paper bags away altogether when your not there to supervise., Kittens may swallow their toys by mistake when playing. Therefore, you should not get your kitten any toys that are small enough to be easily swallowed. Stick to toys bigger than your kitten’s mouth for safety., Battery operated toys can be fun for your cat. However, you may be inclined to leave them out when you’re gone so your kitten can play with them in your absence. Battery-operated toys should be put away when you’re not present. Cats could potentially get into the batteries, which can be harmful if chewed on or swallowed.

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