How to Play With a Kitten



Correct bad behaviors gently.,
Praise positive behavior.,
Ignore your kitten when it misbehaves.,
Do not let your kitten play with your hands or fingers.

Kittens often do not understand boundaries. When young, they may view you as a kitten. They may bite your hand or another body part during play. You should never scold or punish a kitten for this behavior. It’s likely to make a kitten nervous. Instead, gently correct the behavior.When a kitten bites you, gently say, “No.” Then, pull your hand away.
Provide your kitten with a toy to chew on instead.

, In addition to correcting bad behavior, praise your kitten for behaving. If your kitten has been pouncing on your feet when you walk by, and refrains from doing it one day, say something like, “Good kitten!” If your kitten sits in your lap without biting or clawing, pet and praise your kitten., If a kitten continues to misbehave after being corrected, ignore the behavior Kittens often act out because they want attention. For a kitten, any response, even a negative one, may be a positive one. Therefore, simply ignoring biting until a kitten stops is often effective., Many people play wrestle with their kitten, or allow their kitten to paw at their finger. This sends a message that biting and scratching are appropriate behaviors. This can become more of a problem as your kitten grows.

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