How to Play With a Hamster



Place an exercise wheel inside of his cage.,
Place toys inside of his cage.,
Supervise your hamster.

An exercise wheel is considered the mainstay of a hamster’s exercise. An exercise wheel with wires could injure your hamster’s paws, so select an exercise wheel that has either a solid or mesh bottom. Also, look for one that can attach to one of the interior sides of your hamster’s cage.The exercise wheel should be large enough (minimum 12 inches in diameter) to prevent your hamster’s back from bending when he is running on the wheel.Listen to the wheel when your hamster is running on it. If it is noisy, you may want to consider moving your hamster’s cage to an area outside of your bedroom. Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so your hamster would likely be running on his cage during the night., Your hamster will want to do more than just run on his exercise wheel. He will also enjoy running through tunnels and having toys that he can nibble on. The chew toys will help keep your hamster’s teeth filed down.Rather than buying a lot of toys at your local pet store, you could make homemade toys.

, Although your hamster will likely not escape from his cage, you still want to make sure that his play is safe inside of his cage. For example, if his cage is made of wire, he may try to climb up the sides of the cage. Not only could the wire injure his paws, but he could also get seriously injured if he falls down when trying to climb.

If you see him trying to climb, you could slowly reach into his cage and gently place him back on the cage floor.

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