How to Play With a Bad Boy’s Heart



Don’t flirt with this person anymore.,
Flirt with his acquaintances.,
Seem busy.,
If you are dating this player, look great, and make sure everything about you is perfect.,
Be a bad girl.,
Begin playing him.,
If the player starts to get more and more clingy, saying stuff like “I need you,” and other junk, start to let him in a little bit.,
Make the decision.

If he is flirting with another girl a lot, then don’t care! It might hurt inside, but assume that you are the most attractive person on this earth and that you can get any guy. Confidence makes guys melt.;
, Got a Facebook? Make it obvious to the player that you are interested in someone else, only if they show the interest in return. Write on their walls, exchange gifts, etc. People look at everyone’s stuff on Facebook at some point.

, Plan things. Do stuff with friends.

, Have other guys notice you, and notice them. Make the whole thing a game. Players are difficult to deal with, and no one wants you to get hurt.

, Act in your comfort zone, and don’t change for anyone else except around the player and some of his friends. Don’t ever give in to the player, and don’t betray any of your friends. They are there for you, and if you are a good friend, they will be there in return.

, Take special moments to get close to him, and right after seem like there is no connection. Be nice, but at the same time, seem like you have no idea that you are not giving the player the attention he wants. Players live off of attention. They would not survive if they did not get the attention they wanted. Seem interested in him, but when the time comes, be nice but uninterested at the same time. Talk to other guys, flirt with other guys especially.

, Do not do things that all players want from girls, but seem interested ever so slightly.

, Will he play you, or have you reeled him in? Do not do the things that all players want girls to do! Wait a couple of weeks, see what he does and how to work with each other. If you want a relationship with this guy, you need to judge if he is really capable of that. If you just wanted to play this fool, forget about him, and don’t talk to him anymore. He will probably feel the same way girls have felt when he used them.

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