How to Play a Player



Be mysterious.,
Be fun.,
Make him jealous.,
Don’t be jealous.,
Limit your communication.,
Maintain your independence.,
Beat him at his own game (optional).

Now that you’ve played hard to get, it’s time to continue to be elusive while making the player want you. The first thing you should do to make him really want you is to be mysterious. Don’t open up too much or talk about your past, your hopes for the future, or your biggest fears. Instead, make him guess what’s really on your mind and speak in hints and innuendos instead of being honest.

If you have to leave, don’t tell him where you’re going. Let him guess.
Make him figure out who you really are, from what you love to do to how many siblings you have. Let him do all of the work instead of doling out all of the information for him.
Don’t keep him up to date about your schedule. If you’re busy over the weekend, you’re busy over the weekend. You don’t have to tell him it’s because you’re celebrating your Aunt Mary’s 50th birthday.

, Part of the reason players play girls is because they’re tired of girls who drag them down, fall in love, or want them to do serious boyfriend-like things like go to the grocery store or let you cook a never-ending meal for them. Well, if you want to make a player want you, you can’t drag him down. You should be fun, spontaneous, and up for anything, whether it’s a trip to the beach or a nice run through a rain shower.

Always keep things light and fresh. Remember, you’re trying to play this guy, not marry him.
Talk about the fun things you’ll do that day or that week — stick to the present. This player won’t be in your future.
Laugh, don’t cry. This is not the person who should see your insecurities or the things that upset you.

, Even though you’re spending more time with the player, you shouldn’t make him think that he has your heart. If you run into another guy you know, don’t be shy about flirting with the other guy. And if you’re going out with another guy, tell the player about it like it’s no big deal. If he knows there are other guys in your life, he’ll want you even more because he’ll have the need to compete for you.

If you really want to make him jealous, you can even pretend that you’re meeting another guy when you’re not.
If another guy calls you when you’re with the player, don’t be afraid to answer. Be fun and flirty as you talk to the guy who called you.

, If you really want to drive the player crazy, then you should show no signs of caring if you see him with another woman or if he gets a text from another woman. Players thrive from having multiple women compete over them, or from the rush of trying to juggle a few women without any of them knowing. If you act like you couldn’t care less if he sees another girl, he’ll only want to make you more jealous.

To gain the power to play a player, you have to stand out to him. It’s likely that every other girl in his life has been jealous. This is why you’ll be different.
If someone calls or texts him, don’t say, “Who’s that?” Look bored or uninterested as he talks into the phone.
If you see another girl he knows, be extra nice to her. Show him that you don’t view her as competition.

, Players are used to girls who text or call them all the time and don’t give them any time to themselves. Well, that’s where you’ll diverge from the pack. You can call him or text him once in a while, but let him do the majority of the communicating. If he reaches out to you, don’t respond right away like you have nothing better to do than to sit by the phone and wait for his call.

Don’t waste time stalking his Facebook profile. Go online to do your own thing.
If you know he’s out, leave him alone. Don’t text him or call him or he’ll think you’re obsessing over him.
If he knows you’re out and he texts you, don’t get back to him until the next day. Let him worry about what you were up to while he was away.

, Maintaining your independence is a larger part of limiting your communication. You should have your own busy life, your own friends, and even some other guys to date while you’re seeing the player. Don’t make your schedule revolve around his; make him shift his plans around to see you.

If he cancels on you, don’t let him reschedule for the next day. Tell him you’re “booked” for the next few days. Make him feel like he really missed out by flaking on you, and he won’t do it again.
When you’re with him, talk about your other friends or the fun things you do that don’t involve him. Let him see that you have a life outside of worshipping him.

, If you really want to play a player, then you have to be a player. Make him think that you like him while juggling him with two or three other guys. Flatter him and make him feel special while knowing that everything you say is meaningless. You should only do this if you really want to play the player or to get back at him for some reason. Changing your lifestyle this extremely can get a bit exhausting.

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