How to Plan for an Emergency if You Are Pregnant or Have Young Children



Be prepared to go quickly and have your emergency supplies and other important items ready to go — you may not have much time.,
Take important documents with you.,
Bring funds in the form of cash, ATM/EBT cards, traveler’s checks, credit cards, or checkbooks.

Bring your cell phone and charger and the “emergency check-in” number for family members to call.

Bring keys to anything that is left behind—your home, car, bank box, post office box.

Bring prenatal vitamins and medicines with you.,
If you are not pregnant, but using contraceptives, ask for several months’ supply from a healthcare provider.

Take as much as you can with you.

, This includes the following:

Identification for you and your children; such as, birth certificates, social security cards, and immigration papers.
Family medical records, including prenatal records and immunization records.
Health insurance identification cards for you and anyone who depends on you for care.
A copy of a school record for each child (to prove your child’s enrollment in a specific grade.)

,,,, This includes prescription and over-the-counter medicines you may need for yourself, family, and children.


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