How to Pick Up a Guinea Pig



Approach your guinea pig calmly.,
Place your right hand around your guinea pig’s front end.,
Avoid squeezing your right hand.,
Put your left hand under your guinea pig’s bum.,
Lift up your guinea pig horizontally.,
Hold your guinea pig close to your body.

Animals can sense nervousness in humans. When handling animals of any kind, including guinea pigs, you need to remain calm and confident while around them.If you aren’t able to keep calm for any reason, wait to handle your guinea pig at a time when you are calm.
Try talking to your guinea pigs so they aren’t startled when you try to pick them up.;
, There are two possible ways to place your right hand on your guinea pig’s body. The two methods are outlined here:Method 1 — Place your right hand on top of your guinea pig, across his shoulders. Place your right thumb behind your guinea pig’s front legs. And then place your right fingers in front and behind your guinea pig’s front legs (e.g. one or two fingers in front of his front leg, two to three fingers behind his front leg).
Method 2 — Place your right hand under your guinea pig’s chest, near his front legs. Put your index finger in front of your guinea pig’s left front leg, and the rest of your fingers behind his left front leg. Use your index and second fingers like scissors to hold your guinea pig’s left leg still.

, Your hand should be placed on your guinea pig gently but firmly and without applying any pressure. Squeezing your hand may cause your guinea pig to squirm, which in turn may cause him to injure himself., Once you’ve gripped your right hand around the front of your guinea pig, place your left hand behind his bum. Make sure you have his behind fully supported with your left hand., Lift your right hand up so your guinea pig’s front legs are off the ground. Then support the back end of your guinea pig with your left hand. Make sure your guinea pig’s back legs are always supported, do not allow them to dangle.If your guinea pig struggles when you pick him up, you may need to hold his back legs still with your left hand and fingers.

, Once your guinea pig is off the ground, move your arms so that he’s close to your chest and body. Cuddle your guinea pig against your body while he’s off the ground and you’re moving around.Guinea pigs feel safe and comfortable when they’re either against your body or if they have their feet on the ground.

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