How to Pick Up a Guinea Pig



Use treats to entice your guinea pig to like you.,
Handle your guinea pig often.,
Be careful when your guinea pig struggles.,
Put your guinea pig into his cage backwards.,
Wait to release your guinea pig when he stops squirming.,
Do not hold your guinea pig too long.

When first trying to pick up your guinea pig you need to gain his trust. Start by allowing your guinea pig to sniff your hand and fingers before you touch him. Use treats as incentive for your guinea pig to get closer to you and like you.Treats can include small pieces of fruit like oranges, plums, berries, grapes, bananas, watermelon, or cantaloupe.
Treats can also include small pieces of vegetables like basil leaves, turnip greens, bell peppers, romaine lettuce, clover, cilantro, cucumber, tomatoes, celery, corn, dandelions, kale, and chard.
The following food can be fed to your guinea pig as a treat, but no more than two times a week: parsley, carrots, and apples.

, The best way to allow a guinea pig to build a bond with you is to hold him as often as you can. At a minimum you should hold your guinea pig at least once a day., Guinea pigs, unlike hamsters and gerbils, don’t usually bite when they’re scared. Instead, a guinea pig will squirm and struggle in your hands, hoping you’ll drop him or put him down.If your guinea pig struggles while you’re holding him, be careful not to squeeze him in an attempt to stop the squirming.
If your guinea pig decides he wants to bite you, make sure your place your hands where he cannot reach them.

, When you move to put your guinea pig back onto the floor, or into his cage, be aware that he may attempt to jump out of your hands. As jumping out of your hands could injure your guinea pig, a trick you may want to employ is to put your guinea pig down backwards.If your guinea pig can’t see where he’s going, he will be less likely to jump out of your hands.

, When attempting to put your guinea pig back into his cage, do not release him from your hands until he stops squirming. Hold your guinea pig firmly, but gently, a few inches off the ground (or floor of the cage) and wait until he stops squirming. Once your guinea pig stops squirming, place his feet on the floor of his cage. Do not release him from your hands until he stops squirming., Even a guinea pig who likes to be held may eventually want to be put down. For example, your guinea pig may need to pee and want to go back into his cage. If your guinea pig starts to struggle and lick your hand, he may want to be put down.If your guinea pig starts to lick your hand, but then settles down again, he may be okay. But if he continues to lick your hand and struggle, you should probably put him back in his cage.
On average a guinea pig may only want to be held for 10-20 minutes at a time.
If you hold your guinea pig for too long, it is possible he’ll pee or poop on you! You may want to hold your guinea pig on your lap, on top of a towel, in case of an accident.

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