How to Own a Parakeet



Search for parakeet pellets at your local pet store.,
Provide clean water and remove old food daily.,
Provide playtime for your parakeet.,
Spray your bird.,
Give your parakeet toys.,
Institute a bedtime routine.,
Say goodnight to your parakeet to help it feel relaxed.

Turn off the light, say goodnight again, and slowly walk out of the room.

Birds enjoy many fruits and vegetables. Try to introduce a variety of suitable food as early on as possible.

Pellets should be offered at all times, with bird seed only making up 1/6th or less of the diet. You should provide fresh veggies everyday for variety. Without veggies, your parakeet will not be as healthy and will likely become bored of eating the same thing. You should try to feed them produce like kale, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, strawberries, carrots, and apples. Plain, cooked eggs are healthy and enjoyed by many parakeets. You may have to wait awhile for your bird to begin eating veggies, but be patient!
Remember to never feed your parakeet avocados or chocolate! Also, most fruit seeds are poisonous to budgies, so throw away the area of the fruit that touches the seed and the seed itself. Research what foods your budgie can or cannot have.;
, You should have two bowls in the cage: one for food and one for water. Fill the water bowl with fresh water every day. Change the food out every other day.

, You should spend quality one-on-one time with your bird for at least an hour each day (not all at one time). The rest of the time your parakeet can watch you do chores from your shoulder or sit on top it’s cage while you are nearby. To get your parakeet out of his/her cage reach into the cage and put your finger right in front of your bird’s abdomen, pushing your finger closer to the chest and lifting up. Soon your bird should be on your finger, then move your finger out of the cage and let your parakeet fly around.

, Birds need to be either sprayed by a water bottle or allowed to play in a shower or sink to have healthy feathers. Note that some birds don’t like being sprayed. Your bird may also decide to take a bath in its water bowl. This is fine, just make sure that it’s water stays clean. Regardless of what method your bird likes, most all find pleasure in bathing.

, Toys should be offered at all times. Parakeets love mirrors, but they’re not always a good idea. Sometimes parakeets get too attached to the ‘other’ parakeet in the mirror. Parakeets usually like bells (no jingle bells, they can get their claws stuck) or other noisy toys. Toys made of ripped up paper strips tied together are good too. Of course, you can always go to the store and buy parakeet toys. To keep your bird from getting bored of their toys, you should rotate them.

, Cover the cage with a thin blanket or towel.

,, Try not to make any noise — it may disturb your bird! Also, keep in mind that your bird may not want to stay up as late as you. It’s a good rule of thumb to only allow an hour past what time the bird’s outside go to bed.

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