How to Oil a Saddle



Warm the oil.,
Apply the oil.,
Rub in the oil.,
Let the saddle sit.,
Wipe off excess oil.,
Repeat the process.,
Apply a conditioner.

Before you begin oiling your saddle, be sure to warm your oil. The oil needs to be warm (at most 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 38 degrees Celsius), but not hot. Hot oil can cook your leather and ruin it. In order to guarantee that it’s the right temperature, try soaking it in lukewarm water for about 20 minutes., Once you have properly cleaned your saddle, gently apply a light coat of oil to the grain (smooth or outward facing) side of the saddle. You can use a brush or a rag to very lightly apply the oil. Do not let the oil pool or build up on the leather. This will oversaturate it and ruin the leather. Avoid using any heavy oils, like olive or neatsfoot oil. Follow the manufacturer’s recommended oil or conditioner.Some saddles require few oilings, and a few never need to be oiled. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before you condition your saddle., Use a rag or tack sponge to apply oil to the saddle. Be sure to use a circular motion to get an even application. This will help you avoid spotting. You can also use your hand to apply the oil if you find some hard to reach places.Avoid applying oil to the flesh side or any rawhide parts of the saddle. This will cause them to loosen and stretch out.
Instead of rubbing it with oil, soak your bridle in a shallow pan full of oil., Once you have covered the grain in oil, let it sit for a day or two. This will allow the oil to soak into the leather. Keep the saddle in a dry and climate controlled location. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight.If you are oiling the saddle for the first time, you may want to let it sit for longer., After the saddle has sat for a couple days, take a rag and wipe off any excess oil. You should also use a rag to buff the saddle as you wipe off the excess, rubbing in a circular motion. This will help prevent any spotting or discoloration in the leather.Avoid using the saddle again until it is completely dry.

, If you are oiling your saddle for the first time, you may need to condition it at least three times over the course of a couple of weeks. You may want to pay particular attention to the fenders and the seat, which will need a little help loosening up.Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when oiling your saddle. Over conditioning the saddle can make it too loose and ruin it.
Because they are used regularly, you may want to apply more oil to the fenders.
The seat may need some extra oil to make it form to your bottom.

, After the saddle is properly oiled, you may want to rub in a little conditioner. This will help treat the leather and prevent it from drying out. Simply apply a small amount of conditioner to a rag and gently rub it into the leather. Be sure to use a commercial leather conditioner that is appropriate for your saddle. Your local western ware store should have saddle conditioner.Conditioner is particularly important if you live in an arid climate where your saddle can get dried out.
Be sure to follow the saddle manufacturer’s guidelines before applying any conditioner to your saddle.

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