How to Oil a Saddle



Wipe down your saddle often.,
Condition and oil your saddle regularly.,
Store saddles properly.,
Replace any cracked leather.

Ideally, you will want to wipe down your saddle with a damp cloth after each ride. This will remove any dirt, sweat and other materials that can make your saddle dirty. Cleaning your saddle after each ride will limit how often you have to give your saddle a thorough scrubbing.Wiping your saddle after each ride will also help you spot any problems with wear and tear, like loose stitching.

, Properly cleaning and conditioning your saddle will help extend its life. If you occasionally ride, you may not need to condition and oil your saddle for around six months. If you live in an extremely dry or humid location, you may need to condition more frequently.Some saddles do not need to be conditioned at all.Be sure to follow your manufacturer’s guidelines for conditioning and oiling your saddle.

, When not in use, the ideal place to keep a saddle is in a climate controlled area. This will help keep the saddle from getting too wet or dry. If a climate controlled location is not available, keep the saddle in a cool and dry location.If you are storing a saddle for an extended period of time, make sure that it is cleaned and oiled beforehand.
Do not stack saddles on top of each other.
Never place a saddle in direct sunlight or expose it to heat.
Never store a saddle in a plastic bag or any airtight container. This will prevent the leather from breathing and ruin it.
If your saddle came with a cover, place it over the saddle when it’s not being ridden to prevent dust accumulation and animal damage.

, If any part of your saddle has cracked, do not try to oil or condition it. The cracked part is ruined and cannot be salvaged. Riding with cracked leather could result in an accident. Have a professional replace any worn or cracked pieces of your saddle.Check your saddle every time you ride. Pay close attention to the rigging, fenders, stirrup leathers, and latigo tie straps.

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