How to Occupy Your Time when You’re Sick



Call up a friend and chat.,
Call a work colleague and get the rundown on what is happening at work.,
Enjoy water.,
Ask someone to go to the library for you and bring home some new bestsellers or other interesting books.,
Listen to music.,
Organize your computer.,
Plan a trip.,
Watch a hilarious movie.,
Go for a gentle walk and observe how different people are and how they behave.

Ask your friend what they’re doing and if they’d like to come and visit you.;
, If you’re well enough, ask you boss to send home some easy work items to work through at your pace (nothing time sensitive!).

, If you can get out of bed and use water, have a long bath now and then, bubbles and all. Take a short swim if your illness permits. You don’t have to do anything strenuous; just enjoy floating and bobbing about.

, If you’re really daring, let them make the choices and expand your horizons!

, Try music you don’t know much about and learn some new lyrics.

, Being ill is a good time to get the mess off your computer. Make sure that songs have album art and names, and sort documents into folders.

, Look on a website like Expedia for flights and hotels, and look at tourist websites for museums and shows. Make a full itinerary of what you would want to do. Maybe some day you’ll actually get to go on this trip.

, When you laugh, it will help you feel better.


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