How to Obtain Iodine



Consult a health professional before beginning iodine supplements.,
Consider your supplement options.,
Take iodine supplements as directed.

Most people in developed nations do not need iodine supplements, even to treat iodine deficiency.

Your doctor or nurse may recommend that you attempt to reach sufficient iodine levels naturally through diet instead of through supplements. Health professionals can also examine your medication and supplement list to look for potential negative interactions that could occur if you begin iodine supplementation.

, Iodine supplements can come in the form of potassium iodide, sodium iodide, and kelp-based supplements. Discuss the optimal choice of a supplement form with a health professional.

, Most adults need about 150mcg of iodine daily. Pregnant women need up to 220mcg and breastfeeding women need up to 290mcg each day.

If you cannot achieve these levels through your daily diet due to allergies or dietary restrictions, consider an iodine supplement in consultation with your doctor or health adviser.

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