How to Not Look too Obsessed over Your Crush



Talk to him about himself.,
Be friends with his friends.,
Always try to make eye contact.,
Joke around with him but some guys are more sensitive then others, so be careful of what you say.

Be yourself.,
Play it cool.,
Give hints and if he’s not getting them, tell his best friends you like him or write him a note and put it in his locker.

Feel confident.,
Act silly and maybe he will too to make you even more comfortable around him.

Focus on other things, too.,
Don’t be too obsessive about talking to him.,
Don’t text the guy if he doesn’t reply.

Try not to ask him too personal questions, as it might make him feel uncomfortable.;
, If his friends are your friends too, it gives you a reason to be around him.

, Guys love it, but try not to make too much eye contact. It might make him feel like he’s under a microscope.

,, Guys hate it when you try to be someone you’re not. They can totally tell when that’s happening. They like it better when you’re yourself.

, Don’t overdo anything.

,, Be happy with your look and just go for it.

,, Like schoolwork. If you get bad grades, he might think you’re way too unfocused. Some guys don’t like that.

, Let him talk to you or go a day or two without talking to him. If you sit at home waiting for him to get online and send him a message right away he may think your being too clingy and creepy. Just resist talking to him for a while or wait for him to make the move.

, Either he eventually will, or he’s done talking or doesn’t want to talk. Wait until a couple hours or a day later to send him a “Hey” or wait for him to talk to you.

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