How to Not Fall Too Hard for a Guy



Control your impulses.,
Limit your interaction with him.,
Stop planning out the future.

You might not really be able to control the fact that he’s popping into your head a lot, but you can control your actions. Try not to constantly talk to your friends about him. Don’t stalk him on social media. Avoiding some of these behaviors will allow your mind to be occupied by other thoughts and will help you keep a more logical mindset., This is easier said than done; getting attention is fun and flattery is nice to hear. You’ll have a much easier time not falling for him if you aren’t around him all the time or texting him constantly.It’ll be a lot easier to maintain balance and to not get swept up in your emotions if you aren’t hasty about bringing him into your day-to-day life.

Try making a commitment to yourself to only hang out with him once a week at the most.
Keep your phone in your purse or in another room when you’re hanging out with friends and family members to keep yourself from texting him too much.

, It’s okay to have thoughts about what material you want your wedding dress to be made of and what you might name your kids one day, but you’re getting ahead of yourself if you’re thinking about this new guy in that picture. There’s always a chance that this will be the guy who will be a part of those moments, but for now, just focus on enjoying getting to know each other.Ask him about his favorite movies, music, sports, and more. Acknowledging that this point in time is all about learning who each other are may keep you from thinking so far into the future.
Enjoy your “firsts”. There will only be one first date or first kiss. Keep your thoughts about him focused on those big, exciting moments as they happen.

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