How to Not Do Drugs



Choose your friends wisely.,
Help your friends avoid drugs and bad decisions.,
Ask questions and learn the answers.,
Remember that so-called “soft drugs” are drugs, too.

True friends would not endanger another friend’s life by pressuring them to use drugs. You might ask: How can I choose a good friend? Simple. Observe people and their habits before stepping up to be their friend. Make sure that they have morals and seem to be honest and have a good personality. That way before you become their friend you can already have an idea of what they are like.

True friends won’t make you feel bad for staying away from drugs. True friends will respect you. They want to see you happy and successful. If one of your “friends” doesn’t understand that drugs aren’t right for you, you should probably reconsider whether they’re actually one of your friends.;
, Tell them the simple steps they can take to avoid them, and tell them that you truly care about them. Also be open to your parents about drugs. If you cannot help yourself, they will surely help you.

, The more you ask questions about drugs, the harder it becomes to rationally use them. So be informed about drugs, what they do to people’s bodies, and how they work. Knowledge is power.

Did you know that methamphetamine causes sores over the body, serious hallucinations, and a rotting of the teeth known as “meth mouth”?Did you know that in America, 27% of HIV/AIDS carriers are heroin addicts?People who shoot heroin with a needle are at a significantly higher risk to develop a host of diseases, such as AIDS.
Did you know that after snorting or smoking cocaine, the user’s heart attack risk grows to almost 24 times the normal amount?, Drugs like alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco, though they may be more socially accepted, can still be powerful drugs. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that more than 2.5 million people die because of alcohol each year.That’s a lot of people, even though alcohol is legal in many places for adults. The point here is to remember that even soft drugs, or socially-accepted drugs, can be harmful.

Soft drugs are often talked about as “gateway drugs.” Gateway drugs are drugs that, when tried, cause users to experiment with and abuse other drugs as a result.
What is clear is that alcohol, marijuana and tobacco can lead to abuse of other drugs. Although alcohol and tobacco may be legal and marijuana may not, be careful about using them so much that you start abusing other drugs.

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