How to Not Do Drugs



Learn how to say “no” to drugs the right way.,
Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty.,
Think again about the possible long-term effects of drugs and alcohol.,
Respect yourself.

Telling people you don’t want to do drugs can be a really hard thing to do. You want to be clear and not offend anyone. Take a little time to think about how you might say “no” to someone who tries to pressure you into trying drugs. Here are some examples to start you off:

“No, thanks. The way I’m going, I need all the brain cells I can get.””Actually, I was just heading home. My parents asked me to look after my little sister. I’ll see you guys tomorrow?”
“I’m starving. Let’s go grab a bite to eat at my house instead.”

, Remember your reasons for saying “no” in the first place: You care about your health; you want to give yourself the best chance to succeed; your sights are set higher than petty distractions. If you remember all the reasons why drugs aren’t right for you, you’re less likely to feel guilty for saying “no.” When you don’t feel guilty, you’re less likely to cave in to peer pressure.

, Like it or not, your whole entire life could be changed with one decision. Often, all it takes is one time before things go horribly wrong. Are you willing to bet your life that this time is going to be different?

, People who take drugs often don’t respect themselves. They understand that they’re hurting their body and hurting their family, but they’re powerless to stop, and sometimes wouldn’t want to because, deep down inside, they think they deserve it. (This is why many addicts need to go to therapy in order to help kick their addiction.) Once addicts begin to have more self-respect, they often clean up their habit.

In order to have self-respect, you need to know who you are. This is an incredibly liberating journey if you haven’t taken it before. It’s about loving yourself from the inside out. If you can achieve that, the most powerful drug in the world won’t compare to the love you have for yourself.

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