How to Not Be Annoying to Your Crush



Avoid being clingy.,
Talk to him.,
Tell him about yourself.,
Be kind to him.,
Be yourself.,
Remember that he is human.

Although you may want his attention, it’s important to give him his space. If he feels that you respect him and his personal space, he may be more likely to interact with you. Otherwise, he may view you as a needy person and stay away from you. For instance, if he doesn’t respond to your text within five minutes, understand that he has his own life.

If you notice that he replies to you with very few words, don’t become upset or demand that he says more. Instead, it may be helpful to ask questions in your texts so that he has something to respond to. Rather than sending him yes-or-no questions, try to come up with ones that may require him to reply with more words (ex: “What did you think of the soccer game?”). If he still gives you a short reply, you could wait for a short time to indicate that you want him to say a bit more.;
, Although you should avoid being overly talkative, initiate conversations with him to show that you’re interested in his life. Come up with interesting subjects that engage the both of you. Be sure that you give him a chance to express his opinion. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about himself, as most people enjoy talking about themselves. If you don’t have time to talk to him, a simple greeting is enough to grab his attention.

If you have trouble selecting conversation topics, think of events that are occurring around you. For instance, if you recently had a biology test, talk to him about it and ask whether he did well or not. However, try to branch out and talk about other subjects rather than only focusing on school.
If you notice that he isn’t talking much, consider the possibilities. Are you dominating the conversation and not allowing him a chance to speak? Is he not interested in the subject? Or is he just naturally quiet? Do your best to remedy the situation so that he enjoys talking to you.

, Although you shouldn’t stay in the spotlight for too long, it’s a good idea to share some facts about your life with him so that he can get to know you more. Tell him things about you – such as your hobbies – that will stick in his mind and show that you’re a unique girl. You may even discover common interests, which may open the way for more conversations.

, Although you shouldn’t overdo it, treat him nicely. For instance, if he doesn’t have a lunch, offer to give him some money or share your food with him. If he tells you about something bad that happened to him, sympathize with him and listen to what he has to say. Show that you care about him and his well-being.

Be careful when treating him nicely. If he isn’t a good person, he may take advantage of your kindness. If you notice that he is using you, immediately stop and don’t allow him to manipulate you. Although you may be attracted to him, it can be dangerous and painful if you let him control you.

, Although you may want to impress him, changing who you are isn’t the right choice. You’re not only presenting a false image of yourself but also hurting yourself and perhaps even others in the process. By staying true to who you are, you’re showing that you are proud of yourself, which may attract his attention. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t.

Avoid changing for him. It may be tempting to mold yourself into his type, but maintaining that facade will be painful and exhausting. Showing how unique you are will attract the right kinds of guys.

, While it may be easy to worship him, allowing your crush to take over your life is a dangerous route. It can be easy to overlook his flaws and focus only on his strengths, which can be harmful. If you feel that you are becoming too obsessed with him, you may want to take a step back and place some space between the two of you. Participate in different activities to get your mind off of him.

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