How to Not Act Like an Idiot Around Your Crush



Just breathe.,
Make an “okay” sign with your fingers.,
Use music to relax.,
Dance a little.,
Be confident in your looks.

When you see your crush and start feeling excited and nervous, focus on your breathing. Remember that your lungs get less oxygen when you take quick, short breaths, which makes your heart speed up and your body tense up. So make a point of taking deep, long breaths to calm both your body and mind.Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
Encourage deeper breaths by imagining that your lungs are down in your abs.
Practice on your own so it’s easier to do when your crush is around.;
, This may sound odd, but it’s actually a yoga trick called the Gyan Mudra. Form an “O” by joining the tip of your index finger with the tip of your thumb, just like you would to signal “okay” to someone. Refocus your attention from the inside to the outside. Instead of focusing on the excitement building up inside you, just concentrate on the feeling of your thumb and fingertip touching.You can do this right before you see that special someone, or even while you’re talking to them. Just hold your hands behind your back when you see them, or use whatever you’re holding (like a textbook) to hide it from view if you think it looks odd.

, If you know you will be seeing your crush any minute, listen to something relaxing beforehand if you can. Create a playlist full of calming music on your device. Otherwise, just play a song that usually calms you down in the back of your head.Whatever music you choose, the keyword is “relaxing.”
Your body’s rhythms will naturally fall in sync with the music’s.
This means your body will start getting worked up if you play something too exciting.

, Get rid of your anxieties by dancing them out before you see that guy or girl who makes you swoon. This is a proven way to relieve stress, so if you’re all alone (or if you don’t mind busting a move in public) go all out and dance it off. Otherwise, just move your feet around by taking a walk, stepping on and off a curb or stair, or something similar.Depending on what type of music you like to dance to, this might seem to contradict the whole bit about listening to relaxing music. But don’t worry about that.
Dancing will increase your blood flow throughout your body and deliver more oxygen everywhere, which help tense muscles relax and feel better. So if you’re going to be active, the more active the better!
Then, as the hour draws near when you expect to run into your crush, switch over to your playlist of your relaxing music to get yourself squared and centered.

, Don’t fret over those little imperfections that you’d like to wish away. Also, don’t worry about trying to morph into a certain “type” that you think your crush might like. Dress the way you like to dress. Style your hair the way you like it. Be yourself and own it!

Sure, people are definitely attracted to certain looks. But it’s been proven that people are likely to respond much quicker to your level of confidence than your appearance.
So, if you’re a brunette or redhead who’s worried that your crush only seems to date blondes (or vice versa), stop worrying! As long as you act confident in your own looks, they’ll be more blown away by your self-assurance than your hair color.

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