How to Not Act Like an Idiot Around Your Crush



Focus on your body language, not your body.,
Be still.,
Pay attention to your hands and arms.,
Keep your feet and legs in mind as well.,
Maintain good posture.

Don’t worry about imperfections. Remember: everybody has some. Instead of worrying needlessly about hiding this or that feature, focus instead on showing self-confidence through your body language. So fix yourself up and dress according to your own style instead of trying to force-fit yourself into a “type” that you think your crush might like better.People are far more likely to respond to your self-confidence than your appearance.
Focus less on what your face and body look like, and more on how you carry yourself.

, Try not to fidget or act jumpy. Avoid nervous behavior like tapping your feet or fingers or playing with your hair, ear, or anything else. Whether you’re standing or sitting, remain composed. Only move when it’s called for. Show you own the room by not acting like you’re ready to flee at the drop of a hat.Keep your feet from tapping or your knees from bouncing by concentrating on keeping both feet flat on the floor.
Use your hands to make gestures if that’s what you normally do. Just try to keep it to a minimum and be graceful about it so your special someone isn’t distracted by wild flailing.
If you feel like some part of you absolutely must move, focus your attention on your breathing. Breathe deeply and concentrate on how your chest rises and falls.

, Avoid the temptation to stick your hands in your pockets. Also fight the urge to cross arms. Your crush might see these as signs of boredom, anger, or defensiveness. Keep your arms hanging relaxed by your sides when standing, or fold your hands over your lap if you’re sitting.If you find this hard, bring something to hold when you talk to them to keep your hands occupied. This could be anything from a textbook, bag, or even a pair of sneakers if you’re on your way to the gym.If you do bring a prop to hold, just bring one. Juggling a pile of random stuff might make you seem like a disorganized mess., Resist the urge to fold in on yourself and hold yourself too tightly. Instead, show your confidence by setting your feet slightly apart from each other. Aim your toes directly at your crush. Show them that your attention is focused squarely on them. Avoid creating the impression that you’re ready to bolt in some other direction.Do the same if you’re seated facing each other. If you’re seated side by side instead, angle your feet slightly toward them.
Cross an ankle over one knee when you’re sitting if that feels more comfortable.

, Keep your back straight, your shoulders down, and your arms relaxed. Stick your chest out a little. Avoid hunching over or tensing your shoulders all the way up to your ears. Whether you’re sitting, standing still, or walking, stay relaxed, move slowly, and keep your back tall and proud.The key is to come off as relaxed, so if you have bad posture in general, start working on improving it when you’re alone. If you aren’t used to good posture, you may come across as stiff and cranky if you force it.
Another exception would be if your crush is much shorter than you are. In this case, feel free to hunch forward to bring your heads closer together. This way you won’t come across as staring down your nose at them.

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