How to Naturally Reduce Blood Pressure



Reduce the amount of sodium you eat.,
Run, bike, swim, or exercise for one hour a day, 3-5 times a week.,
Find times to relax each day.,
Eat healthy, smaller portions for each meal.

You want to aim for less than 2300mg a day, preferably staying below 1500mg.There are some easy steps you can take to reduce your sodium intake right now:

Don’t add salt to your meals. When possible, season your food yourself.
Stay away from processed and packaged foods. Fast-food is also notoriously high in sodium.
Purchase items with “No-Added Sodium.” Many canned goods and vegetables have sodium added to help them stay fresh longer.;
, Regular exercise is essential to help control your blood pressure. Your goal is to raise your heart-rate for the entire time, so look for an activity that makes you sweat and breathe a little heavier. Even a long walk once a day is a great way to fight high blood pressure.

Find an exercise partner. You’re both more likely to keep exercising regularly if you motivate each other.
When possible, take the stairs. Use the push-mower on the lawn, try a standing or treadmill desk, and find ways to incorporate movement into your everyday routine.

, High anxiety leads to higher blood pressure. Stress has a profound effect on your physical health, so you need to find ways to “flick off the switch” when you’re home from work and ready to relax.

Make 15-30 minutes of “me time” each and every day. Close the door, turn off your phone, and sink into an activity all by yourself.
Pick up a good book or listen to music before bed. Take the time to shut out distractions and stress before sleeping.
Learn to say no to new responsibilities.
Use your vacation days. You’ll be happier and more productive in the long term., A good diet will have lots of lean meats, like chicken, turkey, and fish, a variety of complex carbs like oats, quinoa, and whole wheat, and large servings of fruits and vegetables. You can eliminate sodium with ease, bringing your body to a happier, healthier blood pressure.

Wait 10-15 minutes before getting more food. Your body takes time to process the feeling of fullness, meaning you may keep eating even though you aren’t really hungry.
Aim for at least one fruit and or vegetable at each meal. Potassium and Magnesium, found in natural foods, may help combat high blood pressure.Focus on healthy snacks, like hummus, fruit, carrots, low-sodium crackers, and yogurt. Snacking is when most people break from their healthy diets.

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