How to Naturally Reduce Blood Pressure



Create an exercise routine with the help of your doctor.,
Do your everyday chores.,
Do fun activities with others.,
Use your feet to go from place to place.,
Get creative.

Devise an exercise regimen that fits into your lifestyle, schedule, and blood pressure concerns. It is important that you create a realistic exercise plan, because your blood pressure will rise again if you stop exercising.

Your doctor will be able to tell you your target weight and size for your body which can become a goal to work towards. A body carrying extra weight puts extra strain on your heart and blood vessels, so losing weight can help you maintain and control your blood pressure.Don’t quit. If it helps, think of your exercise like a prescription: the doctor ordered that you walk for X minutes, just like the doctor might order you to take a pill.
Be honest about your schedule, lifestyle, and motivations. Do you really have time to walk 40 minutes? Can you afford to subscribe to a gym membership? If not, there are still many alternative ways to get active for free, with little time and space. Ask if your doctor knows what other patients have found successful.

, You might not realize it, but doing your daily activities and moving around the house are significant ways to stay active. Most household chores are can be physically vigorous like:

Doing the laundry. Carrying weighty baskets of clothes and walking around and standing up lightly exercises your body.

Sweeping and mopping. You walk around while pushing a weight with your arms.

Doing garden or yard work. Depending on the activity, you might be planting, raking the leaves, collecting branches, or pulling out stubborn weeds.

Washing the car. Washing your car takes arm strength and endurance.

Moving furniture. A room in your home might need a mini-makeover or you might need to clean the floor underneath the couch. However, be careful moving heavy objects and avoid harming your body.

Doing the dishes by hand. Washing dishes while standing up doesn’t burn a lot of calories, but it can keep the extra weight off. Even loading and unloading the dish washer counts as exercise.

, Exercise can be fun and rewarding if you incorporate it with fun activities that you can do with your friends, family, or in groups.

Look into joining an exercise, fitness, or sports groups. For example, you can often find boot camps, yoga classes, or walkers and joggers who routinely meet at parks. There, you can meet new people with similar goals to motivate you to be active.
Find a fitness buddy. Most people find they stick to their exercise schedule more closely when they have a partner or buddy who is also trying to exercise. You can try to find someone who wants to run at around the same time and pace.

, When possible, try to walk, run, or bike to certain places instead of driving, taking the escalator or riding an elevator. One simple difference like taking the stairs instead of the elevator every day at work can help keep you from gaining weight.

, There are infinite ways to exercise beyond walking and running. Take a dance or aerobics class, join a local or company team for a sport, or start doing yoga and pilates at home. If you haven’t found the right regimen and schedule yet, look around online or at your local community for activities to do and ask your friends and family for suggestions. You will eventually find the right kind of exercise, but it might take some time to decide what you like most.

For example, you can use the playground as a gym instead of going to a fitness gym. You can exercise by walking up slides, hanging onto monkey bars, or climbing onto platforms. However, make sure you aren’t disrupting children from playing on the playground. Use the park in the early mornings, during the school day, or late at night when children are least likely to be at the park.

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